JAMES & HOFFMAN, P.C., is a litigation firm with particular expertise in labor and employment law. We provide legal counsel and representation to a broad range of clients throughout the country, including labor unions and labor-related organizations; professional associations; individuals working in government, medicine, academia, journalism, information technology and many other professions and occupations; advocacy groups; public affairs and consulting firms; and charitable, educational and other non-profit entities.

James & Hoffman is made up of hands-on advocates with national reputations in the field of labor and employment law and decades of experience handling complex, precedent-setting cases. Our activities range from advising professional organizations, to representing academics, doctors, federal, state and municipal government personnel and others seeking resolution of individual employment disputes, to serving as general counsel to the nation’s largest healthcare & property services union.


Founded in 1995, James & Hoffman is made up of seasoned advocates and specialists with decades of legal and practical experience. Our lawyers maintain an extensive national practice, prosecuting and defending a wide variety of cases in federal and state trial courts, appellate courts, administrative agencies and alternate dispute resolution forums. From our base in Washington, D.C., we also provide legislative counsel and representation before Congress and the Washington, D.C. City Council, access to executive branch agencies, and participation in federal rulemaking and other regulatory processes. James & Hoffman partners have represented major national, international and local unions as general counsel; they currently serve as general counsel to the fastest-growing labor union in North America.

James & Hoffman’s local clients include the union representing over 5,000 active and retired teachers and other employees of the D.C. Public Schools. We provide a comprehensive range of legal services, including contract negotiations, labor arbitration proceedings, representation before municipal and federal agencies as well as in local and federal courts, and union governance and other institutional matters.

From the firm’s inception, James & Hoffman has made human rights, civil liberties and social justice an important part of our work, not only in the United States but in global forums. We partner with international and domestic groups to fight abuses, here and abroad, through education, advocacy and impact litigation. Our firm has incubated and supported significant community and human rights projects, and James & Hoffman attorneys have gone on to lead and continue these local and international initiatives. Our ongoing pro bono work includes successful enforcement of wage standards and other laws for the benefit of the most vulnerable and exploited workers.

James & Hoffman is committed to providing strong and cost-effective representation, whether in complex litigation, large-scale and class actions, individual employment disputes and negotiations, or labor arbitration representing local unions and the workers they represent. Our flexible, collegial structure allows us to draw on the strengths, skills and resources best suited to any given task or project. We continually seek innovative solutions to our clients’ needs, both in and out of court. For more information about our firm, please see specific practice areas of interest and individual attorney profiles. To contact James & Hoffman or particular attorneys, please go to the contact us section of the web site.